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*GASPS and clutches pearls* Is that REALLY Amber in a near ankle-length skirt?!
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bullet point Barbie Goes Natural for ChristmasJust a tad bit jealous my barbies never looked like this, and it’s wild to think that 2011 is the first year I’ve seen a “natural barbie.” I think the guy in the comments said it best, “What took so long?!”
bullet point Essence Magazine and the Diss to Natural Hair Video Makers on YoutubeDo you feel Essence Magazine was dissing natural hair vloggers?
bullet point DIY rope bracelet from a J.Crew shopping bag!My next visit to J.Crew will result in cute threads and THIS!
bullet point It Happened to Me: I Told My Boyfriend I Was Born a BoyA beautiful story about true love and acceptance. Side note: Janet Mock is my hair crush.
bullet point 10 EXPERIENCES TO GIVEThe mister and I aren’t too big on things (kind of synonymous with clutter right now) so for Christmas we’re giving each other experiences!
bullet point How to Get the First Interview for a Job in Social Media Who doesn’t want a job in social media these days? Did you know that companies are looking to hire people who know how to use social media to efficiently market their brands? Here’s how to get NOTICED!
bullet point If I Were A Poor Black KidWhoa, doesn’t that title make you say Um, Excuse me?! Oh and that article is from, get this, FORBES!

The cuteness is OUT OF CONTROL.

This chick from Australia has me hooked.

And finally, the video I can’t get enough of! Along with the twitter here:

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