What is your hair regimen?!

The hair love and support I receive from readers truly warms my heart. As I shared in 13 Photos That Make Up My Hairstory, I’ve only had the confidence to rock my natural curls since May of 2011 (not even a year!) and so it’s blown my mind to have other people tell me how much they love my hair and for them to further inquire how they may get the same look.

Honestly, I haven’t found that holy grail of products so I’m reluctant to share what I use! I’m trying new things every few weeks and as soon as I get my go to’s yall will be the first to know!

One thing I can say, is if you want your curls to behave it truly take persistence. You have to get to know how your curls will react to certain products and behaviors. Let me tell you, it will never happen if you keep going back to straightening!

I was like many of you, flat ironing and blow drying every week (and then flat ironing bangs and fly aways every day to get a polished look lol) and it wasn’t until I let go of straightening did my curls HAPPEN! I truly believe (and I say this ALL the time) you have to deep condition regularly and stay away from the heat! The more you let your curls BE, the better they will define!

I deep condition once a week using no heat just letting it do its magic for 30 mins-1 hour. The only time I use heat is to diffuse my curls which is no more than twice a week. When my hair isn’t down it’s in a bun (aka 75% of the week). And that’s it! Since I’ve been doing this process my hair has grown immensely. And when I do flat iron (like 1 time every 2 months – length checks just feel too damn good!) my hair is soooo much more healthy looking! I can’t even believe it sometimes lol.

I help this helps!

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  1. Tasha Reply

    This month marks 1 year without a perm! My natural-birthday i guess :p For the longest time I didn’t even think my hair would have curls, just half-ass waves that frizzled out. It took up until a few months ago for it to actually start making spirals, and I had to completely lay off using heat before I really saw a difference. I deep condition every week too, but I need to find a good daily moisturizer. I was using Mizani Coconut Souffle but it doesn’t work any better than pink lotion or ORS. I guess trial and error really is the only way to go.

    I’ve tried a few times to flat iron my hair now and it is SO resistant it’s ridiculous. After going over the same strands of hair 3 times, I decided it wasn’t worth the heat risk. Now my hair is up 100% of the time. The hardest thing about transitioning is finding a variety of looks along the way :(

  2. Charisma Reply

    Its interesting that you say you don’t really have a regimen. I’m the same way.. I just ‘do’ :-). For over a year now I haven’t really used any brand name hair product. It’s been aloe vera gel and jojoba and out the door! It works and that works for me. I’ve been natural for almost four years. During the first year I realized doing braid outs and twist outs were ruining my natural curl pattern. Plus, they took up too much of my time, lol.

    Ps… love your hair ladybug!

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