In Part 1, I told yall how a spark (aka Tanika Ray’s tresses) inspired me to go back to my color having ways.

Like I mentioned, I used to be a huge fan of color and have had so many crazy different combinations. Now that I’ve loved my solid black curls for sometime, I felt I was ready for more of a WOW factor. Something to make the curls visually come alive!

I ventured over to meet Lesley Hall at Ali’s Hair Salon in Westwood Village. Coming into the appointment, I was a little but of a scardy cat, I must admit. The mister said something about me looking like Keisha Cole and I voiced all concerns to Leslie. We decided to go lighter ever so slowly so my initial color is subtle which I LOVE! I gotta say, I instantly loved her energy and felt SO comfortable. Upon arrival, she had me change into a smock and suggested I hang my top up in the closet. I was pleasantly surprised because I have been to quite a few high end salons and they’ve never asked me to do that. One stylist actually ruined my favorite pair of chanel eyeglasses with dye, but ahem I’m not bitter.

Lesley did a strand test to see how past color would affect my coveted coif and then went to town. The whole appointment took quite a bit longer than I expected because she wanted to be sure I was absolutely happy with the results. I really, really appreciated that.

When it was all said and done, she gave my do some shape and cut off quite a bit. I’m not scissor shy and it had been over 6 months since my last trim (I know, I know..) so I let her have at it. I was meeting some friends for drinks directly after so we diffused.

For the first time in my life, I looked in the mirror, saw my big hair and thought, Tracee. Ellis. Ross. YES. SUCCESS.

Lesley sent me a few texts a couple days later to see how I liked everything. I loved that! I had never had a stylist check up on me before so that was truly appreciated.

I had no complaints. My hair didn’t experience any texture change and my color looked fun and radiant. I plan on going lighter in a month or so – stay tuned for more of my progress!

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