Kriss ‘Fits Tuesdays! Father’s Day

Welcome to Kriss ‘Fits! Every Tuesday I’ll be serving up my favorite outfit from the past week! This outfit was worn last Sunday for Father’s Day dinner. The fam bam headed out to Wood Ranch for some bomb barbecue, quality time, and of course, to watch Game 2 of the NBA Finals. Ha!

I kept it super casual and made darn sure I had a makeshift bib going on during dinner. Note to self, don’t wear cream when you know barbecue sauce is involved. Thankfully, I made it out of there without a stain to show for it! Hooray!

1) Dolce Vita Pali Sandals
2) Rebel from MAC Lipstick
3) Brandy Melville Betsy Flag Sweater
4) Forever 21 Chain Bib necklace

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  1. Krystle Nicole Reply

    Thanks darlin! It’s actually from but your store description made me lol. I love the color of ruby woo but its SO dry and I feel like it flakes making my lips look gross! I would wear it more if it didn’t do that!

  2. kurlybella Reply

    i love that sweater and think i almost bought it. is it from that store in santa monica where all the prices are in “euros”? if so, they had two flag sweaters that i was digging. you look doll! i have rebel too – it looks so good on. it’s my second fav color after ruby woo. 😀

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