I’m usually on the fence when it comes to whether or not I should get my makeup done professionally for an event. Usually, the answer is no. It’s sucha gamble. I’ve had a couple times where I’m absolutely in love with the finished look but sooo many times where I end up with my face looking so left field of what I requested! I find it easier to just do it myself!

Well I knew I would be happy with the results from Team PROliphic Beauty. You can tell that Melissa Hibbert knows her stuff (just take a look at her–she’s beyond gorgeous!) and I knew I would be in good hands.

Melissa hooked up my girl, Ferris while Rose worked alongside her to give me a look that was perfect for the Makeup & Martinis event, my boyfriend’s comedy show after and a good friend’s holiday party later that night! Yes, this look had to hold up for hourrrssss and it surely did!

Check out the photos:

Rose gave me a deep smokey eye with a pinky-nude lip and it was PERFECTION. She made sure I was happy and that was so, so appreciated! She’s wonderful to work with!

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