And this would be my I’m-so-tired-but-SO-HAPPY face.

So, what’d you do last weekend?

Uh nothing… just hung out with Afrobella and Luvvie for the freakin Oscars!!!

Forgive me for the overindulgence in cheesiness, but I have been waiting FOR-EV-ER to let you all know of the amazing weekend I had!

When I first spoke with Patrice of Afrobella.com over the phone back in December, I let her know I would love to be behind the camera to record some awesome getting-ready footage for her big day on the red carpet at The Academy Awards. What it turned into was TWO videos, including the oh-so-amazing-and-hilarious Luvvie of AwesomelyLuvvie.com and Avon sponsored them… WHAT?! AH-mazing!!

Makeup artist Nicole Evans was on hand to glamour-fy them both and I was behind the camera, filming and taking photographs to capture it all. Superstar Celebrity Hair Guru, Felicia Leatherwood also came through to do her hair-whispering magic!

I have to say this was the best “work” experience I’ve ever had. Patrice is the sweetest person ever (which I’m sure you can tell from her blog) and yes, Luvvie will have you holding your side dying of laughter in real life.

I walked over with them as they headed to the red carpet and gave them good luck hugs on Hollywood Boulevard with the stars below their fancy shoes. *tear* They make me so proud!

Okay, enough with the mushy-mush. Watch the vids!

Oh and who’s that amazing songstress gracing us with her voice on these vids, you ask? Only my new obsession, Kirby Lauren. She created the song “Bella” exclusively for the Oscar video and had it written, arranged, and recorded to polished perfection in less than 10 hours. And THAT’S what God can do yall. Love her. Oh and she’s a natural! What?! Interview and more about her coming up in a future post–hopefully next week, stay tuned!